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NeoDownloader will help you download thousands of favorite pictures, wallpapers, videos, mp3's
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30 November 2012

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The internet is full of information matter and relevant material encompassing a myriad of wondrous stuff that provides us with valuable assistance in all verticals that ranges from personal leisure time entertainment to professional research requirements. Multiple internet browsers have been created to enhance this facility and make it more specialized with new features that facilitate the internet search speedier and result oriented. Computer system is one machine that is under constant scanning and up-gradation along with other accessories that are instrumental in their effectual usage. In case of any downloading purpose, the user needs to use any of the available browsers; however these days, a specialized tool called NeoDownloader 2.4 can be put to use for fast and effective download from the web.

NeoDownloader 2.4 opens with a vivid looking interface with the major options placed at the top panel and the other options spread across intuitively. The software is especially useful for downloading a number of materials swiftly and aptly; the procedure being simple enough with the user requiring to drag an icon from the browser address bar and drop it into the floating basket of the program and download anything desired from that site as per predefined choices like images, videos etc. The software program starts the search from the site and downloads files to the PC; with the in-built media player allowing viewing files immediately before saving on the hard drive. The software also contains strong content filtering abilities that enable the user to specify maximum and minimum sizes of files to download.

To conclude, NeoDownloader 2.4 earns rich kudos for its impressive performance in downloading process and specialized additional frills that facilitate in enhancing the downloading experience and hence deserves a rating score of 4.5 points for its stellar functionalities.

Publisher's description

NeoDownloader will help you download thousands of favorite pictures, wallpapers, videos, mp3's and any other files from any website. Just specify a link and click a few buttons, and this fully automatic mass downloader will do the rest. You can view downloaded files with built-in viewer and media player. Beautiful celebrities and girls, amazing desktop wallpapers, funny pictures and animated gifs, and much more - you choose yourself!
Version 2.9.4
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User comments

If shut down in the middle of a download, it deletes the file, even a 500 Mb video. It refuses to keep operator minimum size selection. It drops down to thumb size, viz 25 kb for next download. Won`t download on many sites at all, even though clicking link gets the pic. Won`t download yahoo although Bulk Image Downloader has no problem. Stores as many as 7 layers of folders for 1 pic. Help non-existent. Queries about min file size settings unanswered. the various selections of 1 page, 1 gallery, whole site etc seem completely undependable. 1 page downloads one page when it works at all. Whole website seems to work - a lot of pix. Layers and outside links don`t seem to work. Like free Webripper, there`s a lot of action with no results.It can go on for minutes with no downloads. It also can delay the download of the selected images for hundreds of files. Altogether, overpriced for it`s performance. For pix, Bulk Image Downloader is far better and offers control of what`s stored
Neodownloader is not a bad downloader, but neither is it good. It is marginally better than free Webripper which I have used for years, but it is overpriced for what it can do. There are many websites it won`t download anything from, including Yahoo, which Bulk Image Downloader has no problem with. With the exception of single page and whole gallery, it is quite flakey and unpredictable. I frequently find that the few images which attracted me to the download aren`t included, or at least not within a reasonable folder size limit. For video downloads, I`ve had no problem using the freebies ( 5 of them ) which get me the vast majority of what I want. The site is also unresponsive regarding problems, like how do I stop it from resetting min image size to thumbs.
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